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Holy Basil!

Many varieties of basil exist.  You may know of Sweet Basil, Thai
Basil, Holy Basil, etc.  Each are subtly different in taste and smell
and subtly different in action on the body.
In Ayurveda school, I learned of Holy Basil.  Grown in temples all
over India, this herb is worshiped and revered as a great healer.
We were told how it is uplifting basil is, how it has an affinity for
the heart-center healing the heart (physically and emotionally)
and benefits the cardio pulmonary functions of the body.
It benefits
Kapha by its antidepressant quality's and mental
clarity, relieving mental fatigue. It is good for congestion like,
sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma. It helps to balance metabolism
and can help with weight loss.
It is also  helpful for
Vata in boosting the immune system and
improving digestion and alleviating gas.
Pitta, it is anti-biotic and antiseptic for skin and wound
What a panacea!

I started using Basil essential oil (Ocimum Basilicum)(not holy
basil) certain clients during massage and noticed the benefits
I choose clients who are kapha, who have history of depression,
or SAD, have had immune system issues, who are just getting
over a cough or cold or feel like they might be getting a cough or
cold. Firstly, clients are all impressed by that remarkable
wonderful smell.
I use a few drops in my palm and dip my ring finger in the oil and
place on clients forehead/third eye chakra and at the center of
the sternum/heart charak using gentle clockwise motion for about
a minute.
Another method is to add 20-30 drops to 6 ounces of sesame or
sunflower massage oil and use on the whole body.
You will feel better after a basil oil massage.  Try it!
~by Trish Foss

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