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Detox Therapy

801 SW 150th
Burien, WA
specialized protocol of *foods, oils, and herbs. The first week of this phase is done at

  • The client then comes to the center each day and  receives a minimum of  5-7
    days of consecutive Ayurvedic massage and treatments to assist the body in
    softening, releasing, and cleansing the tissues and organs.  (10 day option is also

  • After the 5-7 days of therapies, further dietary instructions are followed for
    rebuilding and strengthening. Results are a healing transformation that gently
    unfolds in the following weeks.

Total Cost call 206-778-6612 or email trishfoss@gmail.  com  
Includes: initial consultation and written protocol guide, 2 massage therapist massages
(synchronized massage), 5 days of treatments each day lasting from 2.5-3 hrs. each
day, guidebook, some of your herbs, and your after treatment follow-up consultation.

*Food included at an additional $50 per day fee.

Medical referral for supervision, if needed, extra.

herbal foot soak
Ayurvedic warm oil massage
Herbal Steam Sauna
Shirodhara (bliss treatment)
To find out more information
Panchakarma contact:

Trish Foss     206-778-6612

or send us an email from our
Us page
Pancha Karma Testimonial, by Julia Bradley
PK has brought healing and freshness and vibrancy to my life!

Both Trish and Dr. Dhru are gifted healers; through PK, they restored my physical health from
the ravages of rheumatoid arthritis.  Following the PK treatments, the inflammation in my joints
was drastically reduced and the pain was gone.

But the healing I’ve experienced was not confined to body alone. My mind also became more
calm and focused, less weighted down by the anxieties and issues of daily life.  My meditation
practice has become deeper, and I am more often experiencing a sense of peace, joy, and
loving-kindness toward myself and others.

Trish used mantra and music to enhance the healing effects as she provided the traditional
treatments, creating a sanctuary environment that was very restorative. Dr. Dhru patiently and
compassionately monitored my condition, doing regular exams to evaluate the progress; the
prescriptions and the treatments were highly effective.

Based on my experience of PK with Trish and Dhaval, I value PK as an excellent investment in
the health and well-being of my body, mind, and soul.
This treatment was so important to me.  Thank you for your loving care
and attention during the treatments.  I am grateful to your for all that
you have given me and helping me move closer to God.  
- Melinda