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Pancha-karma   ("PK")
Ayurvedic detox/cleansing and rejuvenation
Panchakarma (PK) translates to mean 5 actions. This refers to the 5 ways in which to cleanse
the body naturally, by using and assisting the natural functions of the body. These processes are
deeply in tune with the way energies flow, grow and heal, thus improving your quality of life and
longevity. Panchakarma is gentle, suportive, safe and effective.
"Through the thousands of years that
Ayurveda has been in recorded
existence, its basic principles have never
changed because they derive from
universal laws of nature which are
eternally true"
Sunil V. Josi
Who should undergo PK? Any
person seeking a clearer mind and
improved energy.  Also ideal for
anyone with health concerns including
deep disease, both physical and
More benefits:

Eliminate toxins (ama) and toxic conditions from your
body and mind.

Provide deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Strengthen your immune system and become more
resistant to illness.

Restore your constitutional balance improving health
and wellness.

Decelerate the aging process.

Undo the negative effects of stress on your body and

Increase your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality
and mental clarity

Realize positive lifestyle changes

Lessen dependence on drugs and pharmaceuticals

Reduced cardiovascular risk factors

Increased HDL cholesterol

Reduction in diastolic blood pressure

Reduced anxiety levels

Reduction in levels of toxins such as lead, PCB, and

Lowers viral load in Hepatitis C.

  • During Panchakarma, a cleansing diet of warm, delicious, easy to digest kichari
    (usually of rice and lentil) is eaten, with simple vegetables,along with ingesting oils
    to lubricate and soften tissues.

  • Daily massage is followed by steam therapy to soften and  assist the body to
    dissolve toxins (called "ama") trapped in the body. This is an incredible way to
    relax the body so it can let go of these toxins and massage helps to move
    impurities so they can be released.

  • Mental toxins are cleared from the mind with Meditation, Pranayama (Yogic
    breathing),  Nasya and Shirodhara treatments allow the mind to softly clear
and the heart to gently open.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Relieves stress, calms the nerves, and heals the mind and emotions.
  • Instills greater sense of well being.
  • Rejuvenates your appearance.
  • Removes fatigue and gives the feeling of a "new lease on life"
  • Sharpens the five senses: taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch.
  • Is a gateway for life changes.
  • Improves overall health.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Improves sleep quality and quantity.
  • Restores healthy immune system.
  • Balances metabolism and weight.
  • Can move stubborn emotional blockages including depression, anger,
    and self destructive thoughts.
Why do PK? It is the traditional way
to 'hit the reset button' in your health.
It allows the body and mind to rest
completely and focus on restoration to
optimize health and well being.
What is PK? It is a period of time you
dedicate to the nourishment of your
body, mind and consciousness by
retreating from your external life and
focusing on your health.
How does it work? Like how oil
cleans and softens impurities in wood,
an Ayurvedic practitioner chooses
your oil treatments to gently soften and
eliminate toxins through the body's
natural channels.
Sample of a typical treatment day:
(Treatment days are 3, 5 ,7 or 10 days and
determine the majority of the  
cost of your PK.  
Most PK's are 5 day.)
Morning at home routine: Oral and
bowel cleansing, scraping tongue,
breathing exercises or meditation,
breakfast with ghee.
Pancha Karma treatment session:
You arrive at the clinic for a brief
intake, 90 min. oil massage, castor oil
abdominal massage, Steam Sauna, 30
min. shirodhara and one other
Ayuredic treatment. Roughly 3 hrs. of
treatment and therapy that will leave
you blissed out and relaxed.

Afternoon and evening home
Rest, unplug, have simple meals of
kitchari and vegetables, following
simple recipes, detoxifying teas and
herb recommendations. Gentle walking
meditation and stretching.

Before bed: Triphala herb with tea to
assist in detox and elimination.
3 Stages of Panchakarma
1. At home preparation: Begin your journey about 10 days before your bodywork
(treatment phase). Eliminate unhealthy influences in your food, lifestyle and relationships to
the best of your ability. Add easily digested foods, ghee (clarified butter), and prepare your
home and family for retreat.
2. Treatment phase: May be 5,7, or 10 days in length. Each day consists of about 3 hours
of Ayurvedic treatments specifically formulated for your needs. PK works best when time is
devoted. Ideally, you can lessen your external responsibilities through this time as these
treatments can be tiring.

3. Rejuvenation phase: Emerge slowly from your retreat with intentions around maintaining
changes you have made in your diet and lifestyle and relationships. Follow protocols given to
you. Changes from PK can gently unfold over the next few months.