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Details for Guided Ayurvedic
Group Cleanse Class
Constitution analysis
How to cleanse for you
Eliminating foods/toxins
Tradition of panchakarma

Class 2  
Cleanse Preparation
Shopping lists & recipes
Skills training: food &
juices, use of oils and
ghee,  pranayama, dry
brushing & more

Class 3  
Week of the cleanse
Discussion of roadblocks
Preparation for rasayana
(rejuvenation- coming out
of a cleanse)

Class 4  
Beginning rasayana
Ongoing self-care
Prevention: daily routine
When to cleanse again
Reflection & experiences
Ayurvedic Definition of Health (which is not just
physical, but mental, and spiritual health as well).
Use your workbook to take a dosha test to determine
your body constitution, and take several health
evaluations to determine your current state of
health.  You can reflect on your healthy progress after
your cleanse.
We learn the theory behind the ancient tradition of
Panchakarma (5 actions of detoxifying) and we start
eliminating and adding some things from your diet
and lifestyle as we ease into the preparation of
cleansing.  Examples: begin reduce coffee or alcohol
intake, adding a daily walk, increasing amount of
vegetables. A lot of information is in the first class.  
We may go over time on this first class.

Class 2 you will learn some basic skills. How to:
prepare ghee, make kitchari (your detoxifying main
course with delicious variations), cleansing self
massage, cleansing pranayama (breath), Basti
(enema) and more.  Learn what you will need to
prepare for the detox process. Recipes and
instructions are in the workbook as are graphs for
charting daily routine and tasks.

Inbetween Class 2 and 3 you will begin your 5 day
cleanse.  You will want to make these 5 days as
simple as possible so that you can really focus on
your self care tasks. Unplug, work from home if  you
can, take a day or two off, time this on the weekend,
delegate household chores, (get support from your
household), get professional massage, go to spa,
unwind as much as possible to assist in letting go of

Class 3 will fall in the middle of your 5 day cleanse.  
Here we discuss and share roadblocks, what is coming
up for you? Maybe, and usually there is emotions that
surface. Use the workbook to journal your experience
and get support from the group.
We learn and practice meditation, pranayama and light
yoga as a group to assist the process.

Class 4 Rasayana (how to return to daily living after
cleansing). Keeping good habits we learned in our daily
routines, when to cleanse again, reflection.